Jobs & Skill Development

For our “formerly homeless” participants we believe that access to food, clothing, and shelter, are essential to survival, and that various service providers address these elements on a day-by-day basis. Unfortunately – until those elements are assured on a long-term basis – and the need to experience community is fulfilled – re-integration into a society – or the desire to do so – and to contribute to that society – never becomes a priority. We believe that by offering that security on a long-term basis within a community not defined by their former homelessness, we provide an opportunity to reclaim one’s humanity and the integrity necessary to flourish.

EPCOTH22 offers that opportunity. Conceived as a research facility pursuing best practices to achieve living sustainably and affordably – our need to demonstrate the viability of tiny home villages as a counter to NIMBYism is the perfect opportunity to include micro-housing as a Rapid Recovery first step to ending this crisis. (It must be noted that EPCOTH22 is not intended to be a village of formerly homeless people – but an experiment in rapidly re-integrating formerly homeless people into a functioning productive community.) The size and complexity of EPCOTH22 will require a vast number of employees, volunteers, and stakeholder support.

During the initial introduction to the village – while still adjusting to the security of a micro-home – clients will receive support services encouraging them to find their place within the campus. Contributing to the functioning of any system promotes one’s interest in its survival – and encourages discovering ones “best use” to ensure that survival – mastering the skills to do so. As mastery develops – employment follows – and the ability to contribute financially to securing one’s basic needs further ensures one’s commitment to the enterprise providing the opportunity. At this point it is time to embrace and celebrate personal success in overcoming prior obstacles – move into a Tiny House – and relinquish the micro-home to the next person on the path.

EPCOTH22 Job Roster

  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Legal Counsel
  • Accounting Advisor
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Architect
  • Landscape Designer

Staff Roster – A listing of Department Heads – each one will require an assistant/intern/volunteers – many more during events and harvests

  • Farm Production Manager
  • Farm Specialist 1
  • Farm Specialist 2
  • Greenhouse Farm Specialist1
  • Soil Conservationist / Compost Engineer
  • Power System Engineer
  • Water Capture Engineer
  • Wastewater Purification Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Site Manager
  • Grounds Manager
  • Facility Manager – Main Building
  • Chef
  • Dining Room Manager
  • Head Librarian/Archivist
  • Archivist/Client Services
  • Marketing Director / Program Director
  • Executive Assistant/Reservations
  • Bookkeeping/Payroll/Grants Manager
  • Human Relations/Training/Hiring
  • Head of AV – Videographer
  • Social Media Director/Blogger
  • Writer/Publicist
  • Design Center Manager
  • Shop Manager Construction
  • Shop Manager Fabrication

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