Food Access

Sustainability / Farming

Engage the sustainable farming community to establish a series of farms on the campus – demonstrating for educational purposes the various approaches to urban food production – and to provide food for the campus residents as well as for retail distribution.

Throughout the many villages on the campus serving various collections of residents –inclusion and a sense of community will be fostered by a common house with kitchen/dining room/living room, where meals can be shared – along with food preparation and nutrition classes.  These collective kitchens will be coordinated by the Campus Commercial Kitchen – providing chef oversight and a pantry for staples. The commercial kitchen will be licensed to produce products for sale. Optionally, a Campus Diner will serve campus residents and guests – neighbors in the surrounding community, and visitors availing themselves of the educational programs we offer while staying in the Tiny Home B&B units.

Commercial Kitchen

The kitchen will meet all requirements for a commercial facility – licensed to prepare food for consumption and sale – with all participants meeting health department standards and licensing. Programming for the kitchen will feature our access to local food (grown within 1000 feet of the kitchen) – cooking classes focusing on nutrition and preparation methods – planning family meals for the week – and supplying an onsite diner for employees and guests – including surrounding neighborhoods. A future goal will be a regularly scheduled podcast/cooking show with guest chefs invited to promote our innovations and protocols for sustainable access to healthy food produced in an urban environment.