Educational Outreach

EPCOTH22 is a response to a crisis that has been building in our country for over fifty years.  The most effective way to ensure that we can meet the challenges while correcting course is to educate our students and enlist their participation in creating a solution. 

First – engage them in wonderment!  Field trips designed to expose them to new ideas and experiences – be it a vegetable growing without dirt or a thermal cooling tube – must open their minds to wonder and discovery.

Second – teach them to dream – and to express the mysteries that hold their attentions – encourage them to gain knowledge

Third – mentor them in their field of expressed interest – be it individually or as a member of a club – and find the resources to support that search for knowledge

Fourth – give them ownership of their futures – remove the obstacles to opportunities to learn by enlisting the aid of participants within that field

EPCOTH22 is perfectly suited to open the eyes of students to fields of study from growing food to preparing and serving it– from engineering and architecture to welding and carpentry – or from care giving to social media production. It is the perfect classroom to discover our relationship to the earth – and our responsibility for living on it in a manner that will sustain it for future generations. We are committed to exposing our young people to opportunities to engage in subjects that intrigue and inspire them, that create a path for them to self-actualize and live their passions. We believe our research campus is fertile ground for fulfilling this mission.